A couple of ‘firsts’

I’m not sure how we managed to let our eldest reach the age of 8 before trying to catch a crab and go fishing but we had. However since our visit to Coombe Mill in May, my eldest in particular has shown a real interest and passion for animals of every shape and size.

So, as we found ourselves in Cornwall on holiday and visiting Mevagissey-one of our favourite places to visit-we thought we should break our duck as it were.

Off we went to buy a crab line and net, a large bucket (we’ve been told by a local fisherman at Trevone that crabs and fish really shouldn’t be left in buckets for any length of time due to the lack of oxygen, so we opted for the largest bucket we could find) and some bait (fresh mackerel pieces picked up from one of the local shops.)

We know the small beach area just outside the inner harbour quite well and also knew the tide was on our side as it was coming in. My daughter headed out into the sea and found a little cave where she caught a huge crab. Her first crab caught by fishing (she’d found crabs before in rock pools following the fishernans advice that I mentioned earlier.)

We then headed to the outer harbour but had no luck despite lots of effort.

So after a quick lunch break it was back off to the original spot, but this time there was just a rocky ledge to perch on. However it was well worth it because the other first for her were not one but two fish.


She was delighted and so were we to be honest. What a fantastic memory to store. These are the moments I want to lock away and cherish forever and I hope she will too-the moments she will remember forever and look back on so fondly.

Did you have any ‘firsts’ to celebrate and remember this holiday?