Last week we tried to make English homework more interesting and with the support of my eldest’s class teacher, we made a cartoon all about the Romans and the Celts, which you can read here.

This week, the homework was all about writing and following instructions. I’m no fan of homework, but I saw an opportunity to turn this into something fun again and not one to miss an opportunity to craft and get a Halloween activity included, I had the idea of making a Halloween jar lantern. I’d been inspired to try it after reading this guest post by Red Ted Art on Pink Oddy’s blog.

Us being as we are, we did it slightly differently obviously, but we were rather pleased with the results. We made it and as we went along my eldest wrote out the instructions in her homework book.

I’d already made one beforehand with littlest so I had an idea of what we were going to do. As we went along I took photos. This is what my eldest wrote in her exercise book:

Making a Halloween sweetie jar
You will need:
Paper (white)
Paint brush
A jar
PVA glue
Gummed black paper
Quality Street paxil wrappers
(You’ll also need scissors, but we forgot about them until later!)

What you do:
1. First put some glue in with some water to make a gloopy mixture.

2. Next put the milky glue onto the jar and spread it all over the old washed jar.

3. Then put on some ripped up paper and do it quickly. This glue has a mind of it’s own.

4. After that put some Quality Street wrappers on and wait for them to dry. While you’re waiting draw a face on your black gummed paper.

5. Cut out the scary face that you have drawn and stick it on by licking the back.

6. Lastly, varnish your jar with your glue.



I hope you agree it looks quite good. And I hope you noticed that in her inimitable style, she chose to make it into a sweetie jar rather than a lantern!

My daughter told me that the teacher liked her homework so much he thought other children might like to try it so she spent some time writing out the instructions in class. She was delighted with this.
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