Learning Life Lessons is Tough But Books Can Help

It’s tough, even as an adult, to learn lessons as you go through life. I think it’s even harder though when you’re young. You don’t have the range and depth of experiences to inform your decisions. You’re reliant very much on peers to a lesser extent but significantly on the adults around you to help teach and guide.

Two picture books we were sent recently by Child’s Play cover a couple of really important life lessons and do so in a lovely, touching way.

Finding your own voice can be tricky. Knowing when to be yourself and how to be yourself with confidence is not always instinctive or natural. Children need guidance and support to help them discover what their voice sounds like and who they are.
Harold Finds A Voice
Harold Finds A Voice by Courtney Dicmas covers just this situation in a colourful tale of Harold the parrot. Told with gentle humour, the story follows Harold in his quest to find a voice of his own.
Harold Finds A voice
Tired of mimicking all the other order generic paxil sounds he hears every day, he sets off to search for a voice to call his own.
Harold Finds A Voice
What a lovely way to convey to children the importance of finding your own voice and being proud of who you are.

And from Carolina Rabei comes Crunch!. A story about Crunch the hamster who is not too keen on sharing his food with anyone.
But discovers that actually, sharing food means sharing fun too. And with sharing fun, comes friendship.
It’s beautifully illustrated with simple language. But the message is nonetheless elegantly delivered-that even when you have never been brave enough to try to reach out to other’s before. It is never too late to try.
A really important message to read with children who find sharing, both their time, space and possessions, with others difficult. Definitely a story to inspire discussion and to be read and re-read.