Quality Street Tub Mini Garden

I’ve been meaning to get around to using up our empty Quality Street tubs since Christmas and this weekend has been the first time we had no detailed plans.

So, I decided our first project with recycling the tubs was to make an Alpine mini garden.

Here’s how to do it, and obviously it would work equally well with any large empty plastic container.

You will need a plastic tub, a small amount of compost (free from our own store, so easy to make your own too) and top soil (£4.49 for a 30 litre bag) a trowel, and some Alpine’s. We chose three at £1.99 each. Oh, and some willing helpers are always handy!

Step 1:
Bodge a couple of holes for drainage in the bottom of the tub. Definitely an adult job this one.

Step 2:
Put a few stones or in our case broken bricks into the bottom. This will help with drainage as well as provide the Alpine’s with a more natural habitat. As their name suggests, they’re used to rocky spots.

Step 3:
Place some compost at the bottom forming a layer over the stones.

Step 4:
Place the Alpine’s in position where you want them to be and then fill in with top soil and finally place stones gathered from around the garden in the tub to add that extra touch.

20140322-190742.jpg And voila-there you have it. A mini alpine garden using a Quality Street tub. And I used the lid as a base for the tub to sit on too, thereby helping the drainage even more and making sure every bit of the tub was used.