Battery Re-Charging at the Lickey Hills

It’s no secret to regular reader’s of this little blog that I enjoy looking at trees, or that one of my favourite places are the Lickey Hills. I’ve shared many moments with my lovely little family there. It’s where we all go to re-charge, to run free, to play, to explore, to laugh and be happy.

I was in much need of a tree fix last weekend, so we all agreed that a trip to the Lickey Hills was well overdue.

I love watching my children being together. They are very close, will say unselfconsciously how much they love each other and will spontaneously hold hands and cuddle. Observing this taking place in one of our favourite amoxil online buy spots is a memory to be stored away and cherished.
My son is concentrating on not falling out of the tree, can you tell?!
There were new paths to explore.
Lickey Hills
And fun to be had. We had to go on a detour to find the right kind of mud for camouflage….:)
We had to pass our favourite tree trunk of course-it looks like a tail, don’t you think?
tree roots
And the colours on display were beautiful.
autumn bracken
Often it is these simple pleasures that work wonders in reminding us that life is for enjoying and living. It is rarely the ‘grand’ gestures that matter so much as the everyday love and happiness.