My boy and Buzz Lightyear

Up until fairly recently my son hasn’t shown as much interest in films as his sister had at the same age and we haven’t really pushed it because its no bad thing really! However, the first film my daughter really engaged with was Toy Story and it seems that good quality films appeal across the ages, because after putting it on one day recently during yet another rainy day, my son saw it and has been hooked on it ever since. He’s not so keen on the other two films as they’re ‘a bit scary’. But he loves the first one.

Yesterday I was at the Tots100 Blogcamp and my husband had the children all day. He took them round to a friends (supposedly for a couple of hours) but apparently ended up spending the whole day with them! One of the children had a toy Buzz Lightyear that they weren’t especially keen on and the parents said that my son could have it. Well, you’ve never seen a happier little boy in your life.

The first thing I heard as I walked through the door yesterday evening was ‘look mummy, I’ve got Buzz!’ He has taken Buzz to bed with him and Buzz also came out with us on a little walk around our local park in between rain showers. Forgive the photo as it’s slightly blurred (the light was terrible yesterday.) But I thought it summed up the happiness such a lovely kind thought has given my little boy. They are now inseparable.
Buzz Lightyear toy