Celebrating Star Wars

Our family have been rather taken with Star Wars and with the new film The Force Awakens coming out over Christmas it has brought with it an awful lot of joy and fun.

My littlest hasn’t seen the new film, in fact he’s only seen part of the first ever film, he thinks it will be too scary. But he is incredibly knowledgable none the less! After all, he has his big sister and mummy plus daddy to inform and educate him 🙂

We have made many trips to the Lickey Hills over the years and will continue to do so. I love the place. Over buying cipro online Christmas we made three separate visits alone. It is my sanctuary, and I’m pleased to say that the whole family enjoy spending time there as much as I do.

On our recent trips however, we got to introduce some new friends to the joys of the Lickey’s. Welcome, Storm Troopers and Darth Vader.
storm trooper-the force awakens
star wars
darth vader
storm trooper
darth vader and storm trooper
star wars
star wars
star wars
It’s been no secret that things have been and still are incredibly tough for me right now, but the little moments of light that have shone through the darkness such as these give me strength and hope that things might get better.