Days like these

Some days, and if I’m lucky it can even stretch to a week, everything just seems to click. I manage to fit in all my work, pack in fun activities with the children and have loads of energy. It’s like all the jigsaw pieces fit seamlessly into place and things don’t take much effort. Even the housework is easily done and I can still find myself with a few precious moments too.

And then there are the other days, like now, when nothing seems to go to plan. Fitting in work feels like threading wool through the tiniest needle-complicated and too tricky. Every activity done with the children doesn’t quite work out and the mess and hassle trying to fix it takes longer than the activity itself. When you find yourself shouting, even though you don’t want to but everything feels like a chore and just really hard work so you’re simply more irritable. And it’s no fun. The children sense the building tension and they too become buying doxycycline irritable. Soon there’s tears and meltdowns (and that’s not the children I’m talking about.)

The thing is, I have no idea when the good times will be or when the not so good times will take over. Both seem to catch me unawares. I don’t wake up feeling any differently, but as the morning progresses I can tell what sort of day it will pan out to be.

Obviously the not so good days are a pain. Mostly because I really don’t enjoy feeling tired and irritable. I just try to sit them out until the good energy cones back. But it’s knowing that your mood has such an affect on your children that I find the hardest. I wish I could bottle some of the best days and take a quick swig from it when the not so good days appear.

Do you have any strategies for navigating the rubbish bits? I’d love to hear them and get some pointers.