Easter egg rolling

I thought I’d share with you our top tips for the perfect Easter Egg Roll. For those of you not familiar with this tradition, it’s popular in Scotland and involves rolling your easter eggs before eating them. It’s something to do with signifying the rolling back of the stone from Jesus’ cave which marked his resurrection (but I’m happy to be corrected on this if anyone knows differently.)

Anyway, I heartily recommend it as being eggscellent fun!

Step One:

Boil some eggs (if you have the time and opportunity you can decorate them too.) Find a suitable hill and roll. Once rolled, crack open on a rock and eat.
easter egg rolling on Arthurs Seat
Step Two:

Chuck your chocolate easter egg as far down the hill as you can manage and chase after it before it disappears.
easter egg rolling, Arthur's Seat
Step Three:

Help your little brother to roll his. Be on hand for wayward rolling technique.
easter egg rolling, Arthur's Seat
Step Four:

Eat and enjoy.
easter eggs on Arthur's Seat