The funny things children say and do

How many times a day do your children either say or do something that has you in stitches? My two children can be very funny, often inadvertently so as children do, and I always say to myself ‘I must write that down’ and then never do. Something distracts me and i think “I’ll do it later’,  but of course I rarely do. So here are a couple of things I wanted to remember and writing them for the blog is a great way to ensure they won’t be forgotten.

Daddy is a big fan of Pointless on BBC1. It’s right up his street-loads of general facts and information required that are generally only ever useful in quiz shows (at which he’s very good.) But otherwise not especially useful to be honest.

Anyway, Pointless was on TV just before the bed time buy ciprofloxacin india routine as it quite often is and youngest son turns to Daddy and pipes up with:

‘Daddy’s Pointless!’

Obviously what he meant is that this is Pointless, one of Daddy’s favourite shows…..

To my husband’s credit, he found it just as funny as me.

The other day we were walking to the shops after dropping my daughter at school. One minute my son was next to me chattering away, the next he disappeared. I turned around to find him face down splayed across the pavement, obviously having fallen over. The initial silence was soon followed by unhappy crying. I scooped him up for a cuddle and consoling words. I realised fairly quickly however, that the ‘injuries’ sustained must have been fairly minor because through his sobs he proceeded to name every model of car that passed us by.