A metaphor for parenting

bridge camera photography
This photograph represents so much for me. Both literally as a holiday memory to record a lovely day spent out in the woods but also metaphorically.

Because when I look at it I see the childhood I hope my husband and I are giving our children. A childhood that allows them the freedom to discover their own path in life, but with a discreet guidance and gentle support from the background.

Parenting is about learning to let go, such an incredibly hard lesson to learn. It is about understanding when to loosen those parenting reins and finding the balance between freedom, independence, and guidance. It’s about recognising that each child will take a different path and in all likelihood, it will be different to the one you chose yourself.

This photograph speaks to me also of the adventures that childhood entails-the thrill of what is around the next where can i buy cipro online corner, and sometimes the nervous anticipation of the unknown. In this photograph I see the childish enthusiasm for the journey of life, coupled with the excitement of discovery. It is carefree but not careless.

I know their path will not always be clear, and I hope we are able to provide them with enough support to allow them to choose wisely, especially when the road is blocked or full of obstacles. I hope they will always find solace and reassurance in each other just as much as they find laughter and fun.

So, yes this is a lovely photograph of my two children having fun whilst on their holidays, but it’s also a reminder to me of the role my husband and I have to teach, guide and support as best we can.