Our unconventional trip to Legoland Windsor

We took the kids to Legoland over Easter weekend. The weather wasn’t brilliant but it actually worked in our favour.

Because I realised that we’re not in any way conventional. What may take most people a day to do, takes us two. While my husband likes rollercoasters, the rest of us don’t. None of us like motion rides either.

We like playing, listening, watching and not queuing! Luckily because the weather was rather damp (and occasionally spectacular with forked lightning), it was perfect for us. It was relatively quiet. We managed to dodge the rain and had a laugh finding things to do that kept us dry.

We loved Miniland and the simple pleasures of sailing remote control boats.

 legoland miniland 
We loved the Star Wars Miniland so much we went around twice. It was awesome.

 lego millenium falcon 
 star wars lego 
We loved the train.

 legoland windsor 
The kids loved the quiet rides.

 legoland windsor  

There was no screaming. There was no shouting. There were barely any moans. But there were instead simple pleasures and lots of smiles.

 legoland windsor 

 Legoland Windsor 

This isn’t a post about what you can do at Legoland Windsor. There are plenty of those out there who can do that. This is our take on the place.

Somewhere we spent time together as a family and enjoyed very much. We loved the Atlantis Submarine and Miniland. We loved the pirate play area and the Xbox gaming bit. We loved the hill train and Coastguard HQ. We’d like to go back one day. And take 2 days to wander 🙂