Saving the children

Recently I was invited to blog about Save the Children’s Build it for Babies campaign. They are raising money and awareness about the situation facing many young mothers and pregnant women in Liberia, West Africa.

Not only does it strike a chord and obvious affinity with me as a mum, but it does so also because my dad spent the best part of two years in Liberia helping to source and distribute text books to primary schools throughout the country. No easy task. It’s what he does though and he does it very well, being something of an expert in this area. Not that I can tell you an awful lot about the nuts and bolts of his job, but the stories and photo’s are really interesting!

Anyway, I wanted to do my bit to help. The blog post was one way, the other has been to try out a couple of t-shirts from Mothercare’s Born to range. For every item bought, a pound is donated by Mothercare to Save the Children to help generic doxycycline online towards the Build it for Babies campaign. The range of clothes covers newborn to older children.

We received two identical t-shirts (therefore preventing any potential arguing) and both feature the motif ‘Born to Ride’. They retail at £5 each and I would happily pay that for them. They’re good quality and have already withstood rain, paint and a couple of washes since we got them last week!

They’re ideal wear for both my two as they are warm, but not too bulky as neither of mine like too many layers or clothing that’s too thick. As you can see, worn with a body warmer they were perfect for the dramatically cooler temperatures we’ve been experiencing recently.

If you need sone new clothes for Autumn/Winter, then please take a look at them and if you buy any of the range you have the comfort of knowing that you’re helping another mum or young child to be safe and healthy. A good feeling, wouldn’t you agree?