Top Five Christmas gift ideas for children

As regular visitors to my blog will know I was invited to the launch of John Lewis’s Christmas stock last week. For those of you who are interested and would like to know the outcome of my fashion crisis, I wore the blue trousers with a blue and white spotted top and my blue brogues! I wanted to wear the check trousers but my only nice yellow top was a jumper and I would have been too warm….

It was a lovely evening where I got to meet fellow bloggers and chat with the lovely Reading Residence and savour all the fab gifts John Lewis have in store for everyone this year. I saw so many things I would like for myself as well as ideas for others that I thought I might separate my post into top five for children, and top five for adults. This is my top five children’s picks.

My top highlights:

For children I really liked the cuddly Christmas panda, especially as 10% of the cost goes to The Rainbow Trust.

I was also attracted to the new Kurio 4s tablet for children. I liked the look and feel of it. It’s very lightweight and has access to around 350 apps via the Kurio website. It also has a camera function. I thought it might make a good introduction to the world of hand held devices for my eldest daughter. Santa may be getting a request for this.


I also loved the Christmas crackers that have games inside them. We’ve been very disappointed in recent years by so called luxury crackers that have rubbish things inside them and often two of each so there’s repetition in the gifts. These Christmas crackers have games to play or activities to make. I especially like the idea of the crackers with paper aeroplanes to make-that would work really well in our family.

For regular readers of my blog, you’ll know my difficulties getting my littlest to use a scooter (or other forms of transport other than his legs) and I liked these handlebar heroes for Micro Scooters. They are weather proof and easy to fix in place. I thought they looked fun and might persuade my littlest to use his scooter!

And if you’re into slightly different ways of doing Advent, the Lego Advent Caledar is a great option.


Images supplied courtesy of John Lewis.