We did it-we raised a family!

Regular readers will know of our attempts at pond life. First we discovered tadpoles, then we saw them developing and now…. Look what we saw in our pond! We’ve actually managed to raise frogs. Well, they’re almost there, just the tail remains. But hopefully you can see them clearly enough in my photo’s.



To be honest, I thought they were dead at first. There were two doing a very good impersonation of dead frogs! But as I moved further away and stayed very still I saw them wriggling all over the place. I was obviously stressing them out with sticking my phone over them to take a snap. Wildlife photographer extraordinaire, I’m clearly not!

It’s amazing the satisfaction you can feel from doing something like this, although my pleasure did take a bit of a dive when I went in search of my son who was being worryingly quiet. I found him, emptying the pond onto the floor by his feet. Still a way to go to help him understand nature and habitat clearly!