What’s the story?

The photo above was taken earlier on this year. It’s very special to me because my children are standing outside the door to 13 Peffer Street. It’s a small road in Edinburgh that holds a special place in my heart. It’s most definitely not on the tourist routes. It’s the door to the stair that leads to the top floor flat where my mum grew up and where I spent many many happy summer holidays.

It’s changed a fair bit since I last stayed there. Over the years I’ve only ever driven past when visiting the city, but since my children were born I have been determined to show them their family roots. I want them to know all about their great Grannie, their great Grandpa and their family history. This way they live on, as I like to say, in our head and in our hearts.

It’s way more than just a door (actually when I stayed there early on in my childhood, there wasn’t any door at all). It’s love, happiness, family history as well as family future.

I remember getting sick with excitement at the thought of arriving outside the flat and the terrible inconsolable sadness each time we left. I remember my gran leaning over the top of the banister, waving goodbye. And there are so many stories to tell my children.

And because writing this makes me feel like she’s still with us, it is especially about my gran-the person who always believed in me no matter what. She would have adored her great grandchildren. Love you xx