My word of the week

I think my word of the week this time has to be whoosh! Since we returned from our holiday, time has just flown by. I can’t believe our Easter Holidays are almost at an end as I really enjoy our time together as a family.

We’ve met with friends. We’ve enjoyed lazy mornings. We have caught up on jobs around the house. My daughter has had her first indoor climbing experience with her Daddy and loved it.  My son is growing before my eyes and we received confirmation in the post about his nursery place for September. Time is flying by. There are moments when time seems to slip through my fingers like water and this is one of those generic cipro moments.

On the one hand I’d rather like it to slow down just a touch, but on the other hand we have so much to look forward to. This half term is ridiculously short and has a Bank Holiday plus a day off for voting in its four short weeks, so I’m quite looking forward to it. Plus, the days are longer (and slightly warmer). We have more to enjoy once school finishes with early evening bicycle rides and playing in the garden.

So with much to look forward to I’m really not complaining, but if you’re listening old master time-please could you not pass by quite so speedily? Thank you.

Word of the week