Writing magic together

I’m in the middle of putting the final stages together of the first three chapters of my middle grade story. This is because I want to enter it into a competition early next year.

Having taken on board a lot of what was said at a course I attended, and about which I wrote last week. I’ve been a busy bee indeed.

My 8 year old asked me if she could read it, so we read it aloud together over a couple of evenings (it totals around 8000 words at the moment.) After I’d read some with her, she asked if she could read and make notes on her own.

What came back to me made me smile so much. Not only did she love it, she wrote her own ideas for how the story could develop after this book, and they’re good. But she also laughed out loud with glee (she assured me) at the plot, characters and ideas. She was disappointed that I’d only got these chapters ready for reading. She can’t wait to read more and she likes what I’ve described to her. Apparently she’s also been telling her friends at school all about it and they now want to read it too.

And the best bit for me-not only did she leave me a note ‘stop using tentatively so much’ about which she was absolutely right, but she understood exactly why I wanted to enter the competition-‘you want to get feedback to see where it could be improved and what works so that you can get it published mummy’.

So through my writing, I’ve found such an unexpected joy in working together with my daughter as well as the joy of putting my own ideas down onto paper. That is magic.