3M Scotch Magic Tape-Mini Masterpiece

So, when you have some 3M Scotch Magic Tape, do you simply use it to ‘stick’ stuff? How about having a go at creating your own mini masterpiece instead.
3M Scotch magic Tape Mini Masterpiece
Our creation is inspired by the work of Mondrian. If you have children in primary school, you may well be aware of this artist if you weren’t before, because he is a popular artist to introduce young children to. His paintings are minimalist and use blocks of colour-ideal for little hands and little people’s imaginations.

Here is our guide to creating your own Mondrian mini masterpiece using 3M Scotch Magic Tape. You will need:

3M Scotch Magic Tape:
Paint Brush;
Mini Canvas (we got ours from The Works for 99p)

What you do:
Firstly cover the canvas order cipro using the 3M Scotch Magic Tape. Remember that the tape will be removed afterwards, so it’s the spaces in between the tape that will create the painting.
3M Scotch magic Tape Mini Masterpiece
Once you’re happy with the layout (one of the good things about the magic tape is that it can be easily removed and replaced if you need to), get out your paints.
3M Scotch magic Tape mini masterpiece
You can be fairly messy with this as the tape will be coming off, hopefully leaving nice straight edges 🙂
3M Scotch Magic Tape mini masterpiece
Once you’ve covered every spot, leave to dry.
3M Scotch Magic Tape mini masterpiece
Once it’s dried, carefully remove the tape.
Mondrian inspired art activity canvas
Finally, place on the little display stand the there you go.
Mondiran inspired art activity canvas mini masterpiece

Disclosure: Payment was received for this post, but the ideas, words and opinions expressed here are entirely my own.