I have a definite love and loathe relationship with my word of the week this week. I love routine because I am a planner by nature and routine obviously helps me a lot in this regard. I like to know what to expect and do not deal well with the unexpected at all. I know to some this will seem like the most boring thing in the word, but I don’t do unplanned. It gets me very stressed. Neither do I manage ‘last minute’ very well either. So routine is great for me.

However, I also loathe doing the same thing day in day out. How contrary am I?! It never fails to amuse me that I can simultaneously love planning but loathe the dullness aspect of routine. I like to change my routine and make things different, otherwise I feel as if I’m drowning in the sameness of everything. And having one child of school age and soon to have my youngest also get to that age (sob) too, routine is a necessity. Actually, routine with young children is a necessity too. Which is why I have found myself much less stressed as they get older and we’re buy ciprofloxacin uk able to change the routine slightly! But school is non negotiable sadly. We have to get there every day by 8.35am. Which I think is way too early for little children but what do I know. And we have to be at the school gates for the same time very afternoon. There’s very little deviation. And we have made the decision this term to limit activities to one for each child. This is partly due to finances and partly down to me believing that my children do not need to be entertained by fee paying activities every day of the week in order for them to develop.

Which leads me on to the routine thing. It’s a basic routine of getting up and going to school. Coming home from school, trying to work, clean the house and look after my son. Then back to school, home again, prepare dinner, do bath time etc. This week I am struggling with adjusting to the routine. Although on the plus side, it’s a Bank Holiday, yay! And this term is only 4 weeks long, double yay!

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