Retail therapy

Let me start off by saying right away that this isn’t a sponsored post. I wanted to write this because I have genuinely had many very good experiences whilst shopping at John Lewis.

A few years go when my son was just 3 months old we very suddenly lost my mother in law. It was out of the blue, we were in the middle of struggling a little to be honest with adjusting to having a second child after a bit of a gap anyway, so it hit us hard. Because it was unexpected there were quite a few issues we were left to sort out and went on a steep leaning curve-I vividly remember sitting in the funeral directors and feeling guilty for worrying about money.

We were in need of activities to get ourselves out of the house, but may things seemed to stand in our way. However, we managed to get out to our local John Lewis store somehow one weekend and I remember actually enjoying being there. I can’t honestly remember what it was we bought, but
I do know it wouldn’t have been much of any value. But we felt welcomed and valued, I know that. Strange I know to associate this with a shop, but sometimes life and circumstances are like that.

We had such lovely associations with the shop, that once everything had settled generic nolvadex down a few months later, we made John Lewis our first port of call to make some well deserved reward purchases. We felt the same way as we had before. Friendly staff, knowledgable, helpful. I suppose this is what retailers call ‘brand loyalty’, but it seems a fair comment here. We are loyal. We like the whole experience of shopping there.

I love the Parent Room, where you can go to change nappies, breast feed or just take your child to chill out for a while.

I love the fact that when I buy several things (usually around Christmas time) in one go, I’m always offered the chance to have my bags left with Customer Service until I’m ready to collect them.

I love that the value range is still good quality in my experience and that even if I’m spending £4 on four mugs I feel re-assured that they’re going to last.

I also love the fact that I am aware that all the staff have no reason to sell me something I don’t want as they’re not on commission. They have no incentive to fret advice or suggestions other than their experience and their own judgement.

Do you have any similar stories about brands or products you feel connected to for some reason? I’d love to hear them.


Image supplied courtesy of John Lewis Press Centre