Three cheers for The Famous Five

Oh, how pleased am I to see that the fantastic adventures of Enid Blyton’s Famous Five are still top of children’s reading lists today. This is partly due I think to the parents love being passed onto their children. Research from children’s charity Plan UK found that the I intrepid Famous Five remained popular with(…)

Why are our children being put off reading?

A recent study by the publisher Pearson has apparently suggested that some teachers believe children are being put off reading for pleasure by the time they leave primary school. The research goes on to reveal a general belief that today’s youngsters have short attention spans, and prefer to spend time online rather than reading a(…)

Moneybags mummy

There were a spate of articles released earlier this month about how much time and money parents spend ferrying their children round to activities. The information was based on research carried out by the AA and Sainsbury’s car insurance. Apparently, some parents regularly spend around £1,200 pounds a year on each child on hobbies, activities(…)

Tech up your family games

Why not spend an evening playing games? You know, sitting round together, maybe even laughing and talking, the quality time that everyone’s always talking about. It is possible and you can give it a modern twist. Here’s my top five ways to ‘tech’ your family fun: 1. Do you like such board classics as Scrabble,(…)