Technology is king after all

Hey, there’s good news out there for all you parental technology lovers. There is some benefit to all these gadgets after all! New research suggests that our busy, technology-laden world hasn’t had a negative impact on our children’s imaginative capabilities as some fear. In fact psychologists have found that overall children’s imagination hasn’t suffered at(…)

30 and counting!

A 33-year-old man from Tennessee who has fathered 30 children appeared in court last week to ask for help with his child-support.   Desmond Hatchet has almost matched his 33 years of age with his 30 children. He hasn’t managed to keep up the tally with his partners as they total just 11 however. His(…)

Facebook fury?

What is it about Facebook that seems to cause sensible people to lose all sense of perspective and reason? Why does it cause such a sense of hysteria and suspicion in ordinarily reasonable people? This could be true of both Facebook users and those who shun it like the plague. Users can post completely inappropriate/stupid/untrue(…)