Happy parenting

Guess what, parents are happier than those without children. Research by psychologists at three North American universities and published in the journal of Psychological Science, suggests that parents are happier caring for children than they are during other daily activities. The same findings also suggest that men and older parents are the most contented of(…)

My new project

  I have no time to spend writing my ideas down for any length of time.  This doesn’t stop me having them though!  I thought I would give something new a try.  What I’m going to do is write whenever I can for as long as I can and see where it takes me.  It(…)

Top ten animated sidekicks

Having watched a lot, and I mean a lot of animated family films over the years, I’ve become a bit of an expert about the genre.  While the kids laugh out loud at the physical stuff, I like to chuckle along with the more subtle laughs.  Big action and physical gags draw in the little(…)

Crazy children’s names

What’s in a name? Well it would seem to be quite a lot actually. Naming your child is an important business. Whatever name you choose will be with them for life and is a fundamental part of their identity. What a responsibility! Just imagine hearing about a child called Yahoo or iPad? Think that sounds(…)