Guest post

Here’s a guest post from   Having worked for many years as a specialist careers counsellor with young people on the Autistic Spectrum I saw at first hand just how challenging it can be to move young people forward in a positive way whilst also having to work within set structures and educational guidelines(…)

Latest educational apps

Smart Speller English HD from EduKidsApps is a simple to use and interactive learning game created by parents for parents to help their children learn to correctly pronounce and spell words and letters. It’s available in English, French, Italian, German, Russian, Spanish and more!HD Requirements: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later. My older(…)

Recommended app

I have come across two very good apps that are available for the ipad and iPhone that I would highly recommend. The first one is called Sentence Maker from Grasshopper  It does exactly what it says and allows the user to create their own sentences, based on key words provided.  What I really like(…)

How do you learn?

  Find opportunities to use your learning outside of the classroom. Not be afraid to make mistakes.  Keep a language/learning journal, diary or notebook.  Find creative ways to remember flomax 0.2mg important words and phrases.  Reward your successes. Read a lot, especially for enjoyment. Study with a partner or in groups. Review often.