5 ways to get what you want!

1. Be calm -getting angry only alienates people 2. Think things through before you act-work out what you want before you speak/ write 3. Make a list of what you would like 4. Remember to negotiate and compromise-decide on what’s really important to you and be prepared to be flexible 5. Be nice-it gets you(…)

Practice activity

  Something to do on your own or with friends: Write A-Z on a piece of paper or a computer.   Choose a topic and write down as many words as you can, using the letters of the alphabet. One word for each letter of the alphabet. E.g. Topic: Cars. A-accelerator, B = brake, C=chair, D= driver,(…)

Weather forecast – exercise

Here’s an activity based on the British obsession with the weather.  Read through the following words and then answer the questions: While we were on holiday, my friend tuned in to listen to the weather forecast on a local radio station. Over the airwaves, there was a pause and an audible shuffling of papers, followed(…)

Want help to improve your English?

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