What not to wear

I’m having a dilemma. Not a huge one in the scheme of things, but still a worry nonetheless. Let me dispel any worries you may be having right now about what I’m about to talk about-it is literally ‘what on earth do I wear?’

I’ve been invited to a champagne reception by John Lewis as they unveil their Christmas goodies. I’ve never ever been to anything remotely like this let alone one offering glasses of champagne.

My dilemma is a classic one. I have no idea what to wear. But my problem is really quite severe. Here’s an example of my wardrobe:

Obviously I have more than three pairs of jeans! But that’s about it. I have precisely two non jean trousers and no dresses or skirts at all.

Can I get away with either of these?


I really hope so otherwise I’m just a teensy bit stuffed to be honest!

I have a better selection of acceptable tops, but what I choose will be dictated by the trouser choice. Please tell me I can go in either of these trousers!

And don’t ask me about shoes. I have trainers, converse pumps and boat shoes. I think I may be a lost cause.