What makes a good writer?

I wonder what it is that makes a writer ‘good’? It’s got to be more than an ability to string a few words together and construct the odd sentence. But what is it that elevates a piece of writing or someone who writes, into something ‘more’. I’m coming to the conclusion that much of it(…)

How much is too much?

This blog post could be about so many different things couldn’t it? Such an enticing title that tells you everything and nothing in equal measure. Too much salt or sugar in our diets perhaps? Maybe I’m talking about alcohol and knowing when enough is enough? Or perhaps it’s stress I’m wanting to discuss? It could(…)

The lost art of communication

I love the written word. I tend to spend ages composing emails, tweets, texts and blog posts. I don’t press send until I’ve re-read them at least twice, often more. Consequently I get incredibly irritated when I notice after I’ve hit send that I misspelt a word, or the pesky auto correct snuck in something(…)