Weather forecast – exercise

Here’s an activity based on the British obsession with the weather.

 Read through the following words and then answer the questions:

While we were on holiday, my friend tuned in to listen to the weather forecast on a local radio station. Over the airwaves, there was a pause and an audible shuffling of papers, followed by a voice saying, “I’m sorry, I can’t find the forecast, but let me look out of the window–Oh! flomax usa it’s a lovely dry day.”

Mark the best choice.

1. To ‘tune in’  here means:

  •  To broadcast
  • To listen
  • To adjust a radio to receive a certain program

2. ‘Airwaves’ means ___.

  • wind
  • plane
  • radio waves

3. ‘Forecast’ is ___.

  • a kind of radio
  • statement of future events
  • a person reading the news

4. To ‘shuffle’ here means to ___.

  • walk heavily towards something
  • move around to different positions
  • write to somebody