The Bigger Picture

Or, the alternative self portrait. This is me with my two wonderful little people. We’re happy, we’re smiling.

That’s me, their mum. I’m in a t-shirt. You can’t see from the photo but I have marks down my right arm. They’re my scars. I’ve got both external and internal scars, body and mind. 

I’m still travelling on the path towards self acceptance but what you see here is me. Wounded, generic proscar yes. But still trying her best to fight and tell the world-this is me and I’m ok as I am. Not perfect. But OK.

It sounds easy to say, and it’s easy to read. But I can absolutely promise you it’s far from an easy journey to travel. I’m a work in progress, but at least there’s progress.

Take me as I am. I’m trying to be good enough.