If I Could Only Explain

If I could, what a phrase. But I’m going to try to explain what things are like for me. In case it might help others understand a little.

I was reading something on The Mighty.com and saw a quote that struck me. I’m afraid I can’t quote the original source as I don’t know it. But it says this:


That is how I feel. All the time. Everyday. This is how I base my interactions with people. This is why I feel scared. This is why I find it so hard maintaining relationships of any kind buy propecia finasteride 1mg with others. 

This is what I’m trying to find a way through. Any understanding you can find in your heart to help me would be appreciated more than you might ever realise. 

I know it’s my own problem to sort. I’m not sure how I sort it and I guess that’s where therapy comes in. I’m not asking for ‘special treatment’, maybe patience perhaps. And an understanding that what goes on inside my head isn’t what’s necessarily how it might appear on the surface.

In fact quite often I feel like I’m breaking. Like today.